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Richard Kane Ferguson

Ian Miller

Jeff Miracola

Any views or opinions expressed on this website are not those of our Artist Friends.

RKF did the custom piece Blood of Kings! His style is unique and loved by many, especially in the old school community. 

Check out his Facebook here
His Instagram here


Travis Horton behind Leifkicker does all the crazy cool custom deck boxes you will see at times on the site or in person! Check out his site here to pick one up!

Ian Miller did the logo for Underworld Dreamers! He started with MTG in Mirage and has a crazy style with super detailed pen work.

Check out his website here to see his other works!

Jeff painted Flight of the Nutcrackers. A goofy yet deadly serious group of squirrels! Jeff is well known and his portfolio is truly impressive!

Check out his website here to see his works and pick up a print while at it!

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