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An Introduction to Underworld Dreamers

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

So who are we and what are we doing here? We are a group of enthusiastic Magic: the Gathering players and collectors who love playing old school, Middle school, Vintage, and Legacy! We are made up of a group of friends who run a local game store in Springfield MO called Meta-Games Unlimited. My name is Matt Dennis and I am a long time collector of cards and original Magic: the Gathering artwork. As you will see in the online store I have playmats and shirts with artwork done by some of Magics best artists. I enjoy supporting the artists to a game we all love and I have always felt strongly that no matter how great a game Richard Garfield made it would not have survived without such amazing artwork. Meta-Games is covered with original Magic: the Gathering paintings and uncut sheets from older sets.

Meta-Games retail space (above) and some uncut sheets in the massive game room (below)

Revised Uncut Sheets C/U/R

Fallen Empires Uncut Sheets C/U

We hope to have Old School events, deck techs, box openings, and old school drafts in the future. With the Old School community being spread out across the world and small by comparison we just want to do our part and create a little more content and support for the community however we can!

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